Level 10 Storyline Tournament – December 11th

Location: Guardian Games, Portland, OR
Saturday, December 11th, 2010
CE constructed
$25 (includes lunch!)
Registrations starts at 10:30, Round 1 starts at 11:30 (Pre-registration available, see below!)

Guardian Games
303 SE 3rd
Portland, OR 97214

Important Update: I was not able to get any more Kuronada (Exp) from AEG, so we will only be able to hand them out to the first 25 people that pre-register for this event. To pre-register please follow these directions:

  1. Send $25 via PayPal to mdpetke@comcast.net
  2. Be sure to send it as a Personal  – Payment owed (To make the shop’s bookkeeping easier, I will be paying for all of the pre-registrants on the day of the event.)
  3. In the subject line, please put: L5R Level 10 Event
  4. In the message box, please put your full name, and clan you intend to play.
  5. If for some reason you can’t do this, please contact me at the e-mail address listed above.

Story Prize:  The Uruwashii
A Level 10 Tournament Series for Legend of the Five Rings CCG
Glory and valor are the trappings of any honorable and dutiful samurai. In this time of war, when the Empire is besieged both in the north by the detestable Yobanjin tribes and in the south by the enigmatic and loathsome Destroyers, all samurai are called upon by their lords and their Empress to wage war without reservation or thought for their own life. Many have died, and countless thousands more will follow them into the arms of their ancestors. For a handful, however, war will be the means by which they achieve the glorious destiny intended for them at the moment of their birth. To continue the encouragement of her noble vassals, the Empress has reinstated an ancient and
abandoned tradition known as uruwashii. The position of uruwashii is a special military rank that can only be conferred by the Divine Empress, one of her Chosen, including the Shogun, Imperial Advisor, Imperial Chancellor, Voice of the Empress, the Imperial Herald, or the Imperial Treasurer, or the Emerald and Jade Champions. The rank, once conferred, grants autonomy and prestige to those who possess it, allowing them to act upon their own initiative during times of war and granting them the right to requisition troops and resources from their lords to wage war for the Empress directly. This is a unique right that allows an individual samurai unprecedented freedom in terms of his military involvement, although most are careful never to disrespect or insult their generals and Champions.

The winner of this tournament may select any legal, living personality affiliated with his faction. This personality is granted the rank of Uruwashii by one of the Emperor’s Chosen, and becomes a figure of great renown during the second War of Dark Fire or the war against the Destroyer Horde. The winner may also select which of the Emperor’s Chosen or Jeweled Champions grants the position to the character in question, pending approval by the Story Team.

This tournament will be part of the 2010 MegaGame – The Empire’s Glory – and as such will award Glory points to the winner and the second place player.

Together, the Empire will prevail.
Divided it will crumble.
The L5R MegaGame Team

It would be nice to get some RSVPs here to give the shop a better idea of the prize support they can offer. So far it looks something like this (based on 50 participants):

Winner: Booster Box + Story Prize + Sword
Runner-Up: 1/2 Booster Box
3rd – 4th: 12 Booster Packs
Top of Clan: Clan Deck Boxes
Most Honorable (Sportsmanship): Daisho (3 piece)
All Players: Promos (specifics will be available soon) + 3 packs

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2 Responses to Level 10 Storyline Tournament – December 11th

  1. Tim Meyer says:

    Dang, wish I would have known about this, then I could have lost big time in the name of my most hated clan.

    You guys should set up a mailing list to notify longer distance players of upcoming events. GG is just to far for me to consider as a option for normal play and hence I don’t stay on top of things taking place there like I should.

    • mdpetke says:

      Sorry Tim! We do have a mailing list, and you’re on it now … sucker!
      Seriously though, you should be receiving weekly-ish updates now.
      Hope to see you at a future tournament!

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