“Name a Holding Tournament” @ Guardian Games – 10/8/11

Tournament Prize: Name a Holding
Location: Guardian Games – Portland, OR
Date: Saturday, October 8th
Time: Registration 10:00 to 10:45, Round 1 begins at 11:00, 50 minute rounds
Cost: $20
TO: Mike Petke

Pre-registration: To save time, pre-registration is highly encouraged. I’m not sure what yet, but all pre-registered players will receive something for their efforts, and it won’t be lame! To pre-register, please PayPal $20 to mdpetke@comcast.net as a Personal Payment Owed. Put L5R Name a Holding Event in the subject line, and your full name and clan in the message section.

Other: Prize support will include promos, booster packs, clan deck boxes (for top of clan), sportsmanship prize (hopefully a sword again), best “Utz-Banzai” prize (TBD), Death at Koten set (for the War of Honor winner), and a prize for just missing the cut (Joe you will not be eligible for this prize because you are too good at it :D ). Pizza lunch (with soda) will be included in the entry fee. The bar onsite normally opens at 2pm, but we can make arrangements to have it open earlier (for the “0-2 drop” crowd :)) Single cards will be available for sale on the day of the event, but if you know in advance that you will need specific cards, please PM me so I can set them aside.

Second Chance/War of Honor Event: This will start after round 4, and will be capped at 16 players. The format is 2 player team – extended (Samurai/Celestial). Players will be paired up randomly to form 2-player teams, and you will (or will not) advance to the next round with your team-mate. A few rules modifications will be made to support this format such as, you cannot be in a duel or battle opposing your team-mate, etc. The first team to complete two victory tracks between them is the winner. I’ll have a few more details on this later.

Food breaks: Pizza/soda lunch will be included in the entry fee, and will happen after round 2 (~1:00-1:30). A dinner break for players in the elimination rounds will happen while prize support is handed out to everyone else (6:30-7:00) and the top 8 will begin around 7:00.

Swiss/Elimination round details: 7 rounds of swiss, cut to top 8. Elimination rounds will be 90 minutes, best 2 of 3.

From AEG: “Name a Card tournaments will give their winner the opportunity to name a card to be released in a future L5R expansion. This card will be from the card type specified in the tournament name, and its name subject to approval from the Story Team. In case of a Personality, it will be aligned with the Clan of the winner. In the case of a Ronin or Forgotten Temple win, an Unaligned personality will be named.”

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    Wow, this is coming up quick! Cannot wait!

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