Getting ready for the “big time” …

L5R Tournament Series

The Kotei Tournament Series takes place at Guardian Games every Friday @ 6:00pm

With the simultaneous release of the 2012 Kotei schedule and the “Kolat” Edition PDF, AEG has re-kindled the excitement level for L5R players everywhere. For the Portland L5R team, this also signals a return of the Kotei Team Tournament Series, and a chance to play for something more than one or two rare cards on a Friday night. The tournament series is in it’s fourth year, and is a chance for players to win a sponsorship for the 2012 kotei season. The competition started on Friday, February 3rd, and will continue until Friday, March 23rd. For these eight weeks, players will earn points based on the final standings each Friday night, and at the end of the competition, the two top players (check current standings) will be awarded the sponsored positions. Former winners include Michael Tunes, Marcos Tunes, Roger Morrison, Phillip Koop, Dennis Dreischmeyer, and PJ Torres. This tournament series is open to any and all players, and if you’d like to learn more about the competition, please contact Mike Petke (, or better yet, come on down to Guardian Games this Friday night and check it out in person. Additionally, if you would like to be a sponsor of the Portland L5R team, please consider purchasing cards from us. We certainly hope to see some new faces this season!

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  1. Morgan Brown says:

    Hey guys! Any idea when the Emperor Edition release event at GG is? I’d like to get back into the game! :) Let me know!

    Morgan, Paul, and Shawn

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