Winner’s Choice Event – Saturday, December 14th (Highlander!)

Greetings all! We here at Portland L5R are excited to have the chance to show off the new location of our stronghold store Guardian Games, with a Winner’s Choice tournament on Saturday, December 14th, 2013. I was greatly inspired by the alternate format (strategic L5R) at the Emerald Champion’s Tournament this year, and and as a result we have decided to make the format for this tournament Emperor Legal Highlander. The rules for this format are pretty straightforward: You may play only one of any Emperor legal card in your deck. Decks are still 40/40. The format restriction super-cedes the text on any card (e.g. Eternal Victory Dojo). If you have questions about this format or need to acquire cards for this tournament, either post here, or see the About Us page for an e-mail contact.Highlander

HERE is an old article written about alternate formats for those interested.

So, a few details:
Date: Saturday, December 14th
Time: Registration starts at 9:00, start playing at 10:00
Format: 40/40 Emperor Legal Highlander
Cost: $20
Prize Support: At the very least, you’ll receive a participation promo pack, and $20 worth of booster packs. AEG also donates a prize kit, and the Portland L5R crew has been known to come up with some fairly unique items to give away :D
Venue: Guardian Games has over 10,000 sq ft of gaming space, any game or accessory you could possible want, and a 21 and over room with alcoholic beverages served. (Chris Enns will receive a free beverage of his choice from the TO for winning the Drunken Master award at our last Winter Court event.)

From AEG, here is the most recent update of keywords available to pick for this tournament:
Flavor Traits of Choice:

  • Scion of Flame
  • Scion of Stone
  • Scion of Wind
  • Scion of the Sea – No longer available – 11/9 – Univers Parallèle, France – Bruno Molinié with Phoenix Clan
  • Scion of the Void
  • The Masked [Clan Name]
  • Lord of Blades – No longer available – 11/8 – Austin, Texas – Daniel Landrum with Crab Clan
  • Child of Prophecy
  • Scourge of Darkness -No longer available – 9/21 – Atlantic City, NJ – Joshua Jonas won with Crane Clan
  • Sinner – No longer available – 10/12 – Nuremberg, Germany – Christian Wolf won with Unaligned/Oni

I look forward to hearing who might be able to attend this.

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