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Our efforts to promote the game of L5R are funded through card sales on E-Bay, and private sales through this web-site. If you would like to order cards from us, please fill in the form below. You will receive a quote for the requested cards within 24 hours, and if the quote is accepted, only then will we send you a PayPal invoice. Thank you for your support, and we hope to see you at an L5R tournament very soon!



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You will receive a price quote for the cards listed above within 24 hours. If you accept this quote, only then will you receive a PayPal invoice. Thanks for your support!

15 Responses to Cards

  1. David Last says:

    Do you send to the UK?

  2. mdpetke says:

    Hi there,
    We do ship to the Philippines. The cost of shipping is $3.00 for any amount of cards.

  3. Patrick says:

    Do you have any deals for play sets of commons and uncommons from a certain set?

  4. Narutos says:

    Um hi! I found your site yesterday from an e-bay auction. Until now i was a customer of (these guys are doing a great work), but i’m waitting for a long time to finally see some of the cards that i have in my wishlist being availiable. So yesterday i send you a list with all the cards in my wishlist (that’s why they’re so many) just to see what you have in stock (because i saw in that auction that you already have 3-4 of those). Anyway i think that what you are doing is great and it trully helps promote the game. Just a question though…do you ship to Greece?

    • mdpetke says:

      I received your wishlist, and I’m currently checking to see how much of it we have. I should be getting back to you by tomorrow with a price quote. Thanks for checking us out, and yes we do ship to Greece ($3.00 flat rate shipping for any amount of cards). Talk to you soon!

  5. chris mata says:

    What do strongholds run usually? I have most of them from Imperial up to Gold I believe and a fair amount up till samurai. If I can get you a list could you ball park me on getting a single copy of each stronghold? we are starting a casual war of honor playgroup and are also building a ‘cube’ for drafting l5r similar to MTG’s cube format. rather than track down all the starters I figured it would be easier just to buy the strongholds. I am not looking for full bleed or anything just the basic ones. Now having said that, I have been unable to find a website that lists all strongholds ever printed by set. can you help me there? I can send you a list soon after. thank you.

  6. Narutos says:

    Um Hi! I’ve ordered again from you some months ago and i was very pleased with the customer service and the prices, soooo i have a new order! It’s practically almost all the Celestials and it’s for collectable purposes. But, i’m commenting here because i have something else to ask. First of all, a friend of mine want’s me to buy him some cards too so is it ok to send you another list and put it with mine but keep the bills separated so i would know what he owes me? and also i want to make another order the next month and i want to know (if possible) from now the price because it’s for collective purposes again and it’s kind of big.

    • mdpetke says:

      Hi Narutos,
      I received your request, and have responded with a quote. I’m happy to take and research as many lists as you can come up with :) I can also send the PayPal invoices separately and/or to different PayPal addresses, whatever works best for you. Thanks again for supporting our efforts!

  7. coreblood7 says:

    Hey guys apart from paypal do you accept direct bank transfer? (of course all transfer costs will be paid by me)

    • mdpetke says:

      Hi there,
      We try to do everything through PayPal to keep things like record keeping simple.
      However, I’m not opposed to a direct bank transfer.
      What type of info do you need in order to do this?

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