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L5R Tournament Series

The Kotei Tournament Series takes place at Guardian Games every Friday @ 6:00pm

With the simultaneous release of the 2012 Kotei schedule and the “Kolat” Edition PDF, AEG has re-kindled the excitement level for L5R players everywhere. For the Portland L5R team, this also signals a return of the Kotei Team Tournament Series, and a chance to play for something more than one or two rare cards on a Friday night. The tournament series is in it’s fourth year, and is a chance for players to win a sponsorship for the 2012 kotei season. Continue reading

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In general I have avoided writing articles which deal with specific cards. I recently had a few experiences however which have led me to put that preference aside temporarily and write a brief article about the five rings.
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Waiting for EE … alternate format anyone?

This holiday season, while most people are waiting for Santa or baby Jesus to arrive, L5R players everywhere have only one thing on their minds … Hurry up Emperor Edition! The dead time between the end of one arc and the beginning of the next always seems to drag on for far too long, causing veteran and new players alike to turn to other forms of entertainment. Sadly, I’ve witnessed the demise of more than one promising L5R “career” during this down time (curse you World of Warcraft!)Highlander

This year, the Portland L5R team decided to alleviate some of the boredom and apathy by setting aside a few weeks for alternate L5R formats. The hope was to take a break from constructed, competitive play, and just have some fun playing with new cards and different decks … Mission Accomplished! These events were very well received and attendance was excellent, but best of all, everyone was reminded of why they started playing this game in the first place … FUN! Below you will find descriptions of the three alternate formats we ran, and deck-lists for the winners of each tournament. Continue reading

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Our First Card Preview!

Thanks to AEG for the first of what we hope is many card previews:

Caught in the Act

Reaction: After another player’s action targets one of more of your Personalities: Negate their bowing from the action’s effects.

The feud between the former Emerald Champion and the former Kakita daimyo grew to epic proportions. Now, no one mentions it in polite company.

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Andrew Ornatov wins “Name a Holding” event.

Top 4 (from left) Case Kiyonaga, Roland Sakowski, Andrew Ornatov, Nathan Peever. Congratulations guys!

The “Name a Holding” tournament held on October 8th at Guardian Games in Portland, OR was won by Andrew Ornatov. Andrew handled the field of 30 players with his Mantis blitz deck, and defeated Nathan Peever in the final match, 2-0. Andrew completed the six Swiss rounds as the #1 seed, but avoided the “Swiss Curse” going undefeated through the elimination rounds. When asked about his pick, Andrew said, “I did request a holding that refers to M’rika. We’ll see if the request is approved.” Continue reading

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“Name a Holding Tournament” @ Guardian Games – 10/8/11

Tournament Prize: Name a Holding
Location: Guardian Games – Portland, OR
Date: Saturday, October 8th
Time: Registration 10:00 to 10:45, Round 1 begins at 11:00, 50 minute rounds
Cost: $20
TO: Mike Petke Continue reading

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Second City Release Event

Location: Guardian Games

Date: 9/16/11 (This Friday)

Time: Sign up before 6:00 PM; Start building decks at 6:00; First round starts at 6:45

Cost: $25 gets you the starter deck of your choice and 3 boosters to build your deck, plus an additional booster for prize support.

Promos: Yes!

Bar Open: Yes!

See you there!


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Playing Without Limits

There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there.  You must go beyond them.
-Bruce Lee

I often see players put artificial limitations on themselves during deck construction which hinders their ability to win games.  Players will often avoid what may be considered “cheesy”, “cheap”, “broken”, or whatever label you may wish to apply to legal but not necessarily popular decks, cards, or strategies.  Who the opponent is will sometimes factor into this as well, a male player going easy on a female opponent, or playing less than your best against a younger opponent are two examples.  These decisions are not always bad, particularly when teaching the game to a new player or when playing for fun rather than playing competitively.  Winning isn’t always the most important objective, but if you are looking to improve your game and become a better competitive player, you need to purge these bad habits from your routine.
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GenCon 2011 Report

Mike being attacked by a troll at GenCon 2011Sorry for the extreme tardiness of this report. 4 members of the Portland L5R team attended GenCon this year (Dennis, Roy, Chris & Mike), and after consulting with the others, I’ve compiled some highs and lows for this year’s GenCon experience:

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Relevant Rulings 7/26/11

Today’s “relevant ruling” deals with effects that conclude at the “end of the turn”. In particular a chi penalty (which would have killed a personality), and a negation effect, both of which last until the end of turn. An interesting question was raised here:

“If I am the active player, at the end of the turn can I choose for the negation effect from Strength of the Bamboo to end before the temporary chi penalty does, thereby killing the hero personality?”

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