A Line in the Sand Previews

A Coming Storm Previews

Osano-Wo’s Bow
5 Gold Cost
3 Focus Value
Bow * Jade * Two-handed * Weapon

Battle, Bow: Ranged 3 Attack, or Ranged 4 Attack if the target is Shadowlands (Destroy a target enemy Follower, or Personality without Followers, with force equal to or lower than the Ranged Attack’s strength).

“I think on that moment every time I close my eyes. If there are Fortunes, it is certain they mock me.” – Yoritomo Tansen


Ivory Edition Previews

Wandering Caravan
2 Gold Cost
Market – Retainer

Bow: Produce 2 Gold, or 3 Gold if it is not your turn.

“And what do I have here? Does this amuse you, little one?”


Plague Zombies
5 Gold Cost
FV 3

Nonhuman – Shadowlands – Undead

After you Equip this Follower, lose 4 Honor. After your turn begins, give this Personality a -1C Plague token.

Battle: Fear 3.

“Nameless undead soldiers and the would-be warlords who thought to control them both march in its ranks.”


4F 3C
8 Gold Cost
HR -
Honor 0
Commander – Nonhuman – Shadowlands – Undead – Zombie

After you Recruit Noekam, lose 5 Honor. Noekam’s Undead Followers have +1F.

Battle: Fear with strength equal to the number of Undead cards in this unit.

“Many think me dead. They are right, of course, and I find the irony inescapable. How can they assume that which is dead can die again.”


Deafening Thunder
0 Gold Cost
FV 2

Thunder Battle Bow: Give a target enemy Personality or Follower a Force penalty equal to this Shugenja’s Chi. If its Force is now 0 or this Shugenja is Thunder, you may destroy this Spell to take an additional Battle action.

“The war between the Crane and Mantis was ended, but memories of it remained fresh.”


Aftermath Previews

Expanding the Gardens
0 Gold Cost
FV 1

Limited: Give one or two target Gold-producing Holdings +1 Gold Production each (this turn).

“A kyuden’s gardens are often as memorable as the palace itself, weighing heavily in the minds of potential dignitaries. Rival lords are always expanding their grounds, waging polite wars to outdo one another.”


Ominous Armor
3F, 0C, Armor
3 Gold Cost
FV 1

Before another player’s card destroys this personality, destroy this item instead.

“If your demeanor and appearance inspire fear in your opponent, your victory is many steps closer before the battle has even begun.” - Tangen’s Lies


Gates of Chaos Preview

Camel Mounts
3F, 0C, Camel, Nonhuman, Cavalry
6 Gold Cost
FV 2

Will only attach to a Human. This personality has Cavalry.

Home Battle: Move this unit to the current battlefield if it would be opposed there. (Home actions may be taken from home.)

“She is no artist, but one must respect the Imperial Governor for her skill at crafting lies. Perhaps one day she will embrace a more … practical art.” - Daigotsu Yajinden

Coils of Madness Previews:

Dark Audience

Limited: Search your fate deck for two attachments with different titles. Show them. Another player chooses one of them and removes it from the game. Put the other attachment in your hand.

With the truth behind the Blood revealed, the other clans sent their finest to petition the Spider for its use.








Temple of Tengen

Bow: Produce 2 Gold.

Limited, Bow: Draw a card. Discard a card.

Gather the lore and the secrets of the colonies, and we shall return it to the Empire. The Phoenix alone shall not harvest such bounty. – Rokkaku








Preserving Forces
0 Gold Cost
As a Focus Effect: Before your Personality in this duel is destroyed for losing it, you may destroy one of his Followers; if you did, negate his destruction.
Open: Target one or two Followers in your discard pile: Put them into your hand.
“I will say this for the Scorpion,” Hida Horu said, “they know how to hold on in a fight. Almost like fighting alongside a Crab.”

Preserving Forces

Preceding Reputation
0 Gold Cost
Battle: Choose your performing unbowed Personality and target an enemy personality with fewer keywords, ignoring “Soul of” keywords: Bow all cards without attachments in his unit.
“Back! Back! Out of the way! Heimin fools, don’t you know who I am!?”

Preceding Reputation

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