Team Standings/Decks

Sadly, due to a lack of funds, the Kotei Team Tournament Series did not happen this year. Of course we will still be attending koteis, and we sincerely hope to see it’s happy return next year. If you’d like to support our efforts to travel to koteis, please visit our E-Bay store, and consider purchasing some cards from us. Thanks!

2013 Standings

Name Points
Mike 47
Dennis 45
Jami 42
Zack 40
Roy 34
Tanjen 33
Brian 30
Jeff 24
Paul 22
Fenyx 19
Ginja 19
PJ 16
Chris 16
Thomas 13
Greg 5
Andres 5
Will 4
Ross 3
Dan 3
James (Dragon) 2
James (Spider) 1
Cody 1


2 Responses to Team Standings/Decks

  1. DDreischmeyer says:

    Mike, a suggestion if I may. When you get around to updating the point standings, could you add information about how current the information is. Just a note at the top or bottom like “last updated xx/xx/xxxx” or “as of xx/xx/xx”.

  2. Ivan says:

    For the record I was catching up 1 lose at a time!
    Congrats people!

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