Dragon Dudes (Top 4) – Mike Petke

The Remote Monastery of the Dragon
Sensei – None

Holdings (23)

Ashigaru Fort x3
Bamboo Harvester (Exp)
Counting House
Famous Bazaar x3
Farmer’s Market x3
Gold Mine x3
Nexus of Lies x3
Productive Mine
Temple of Tengen
The Emerald Dojo
Vast Paddy Fields x3

Personalities (17)

Kitsuki Kinaro (Exp)
Mirumoto Hatsuto x3
Mirumoto Hikuryo x3
Mirumoto Kalen (Exp)
Mirumoto Tsukazu x3
Tamori Jinai x3
Togashi Mitsu (Exp)
Togashi Noboru, the Shattered Star (Exp)
Usagi Seki, the Untouchable

Items (14)

Lost Blade of the Maharaja x2
Storm-Forged Blade x3
Tiger Claw x3
Utaku’s Destiny x3
Versatile Blade x3

Rings (2)

Ring of Air
Ring of Earth

Strategies (24)

A Game of Dice
Back to the Front x2
Creating Order
Directing the Battle
Discretionary Valor x2
Elemental Adroitness
Fall Back! x2
Sudden Movement x2
The Crystal Tears x2
The Turtle’s Shell x3
Tonfajutsu x3
Versatile Army x2

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