Mike Petke

Don't look at me with that tone of voice.

Clan: Dragon
Experience: 7 years
Accomplishments: 2011 Salt Lake City Kotei Winner (with Enlightenment).  Togashi Kazuki (Exp) … and he looks just like me!  (See below).  Top 16 with Enlightenment – 2010 Tacoma Kotei.  Qualified for the 2007 World Championships with a Charge of the First Legion deck.  I usually get some votes for the sportsmanship award.  These are the most important ones … to me anyway.

Note the similarities ...

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  1. David 'Shadowlands' Salsman says:


    It was great meeting you and the rest of the gang last weekend. It was a great Kotie, well all except the end result…LOL! Thanks for the great cards they will greatly help with my deck building come back.



    • mdpetke says:

      Glad we could help David. Sounds like you were able to meet up with some of the other Salem-area guys as well. Hope that works out for you, and that you can make it up to Guardian Games for our Friday Night tournaments once in a while. Hope to see you soon!

  2. john campbell says:

    Hi Mike,

    I was not sure where to post this as I couldn’t find a direct email link to you. I am trying to fill in the remaining holes in my lion and crane clans.
    I am searching for the following cards. any mix is ok depending upon availability.

    Akodo anshiro (exp).
    Akodo Bakin (exp)
    Akodo bakin (exp 2)
    Akodo dagarasu
    Akodo dairuko
    Akodo ginawa (exp4)
    Akodo Hachigoro
    Akodo hari
    Akodo Hijikata
    Akodo Ieshige
    Akodo itawa
    Akodo itoku
    Akodo kage (exp)
    Akodo kamina
    Akodo kano
    Akodo Katsumoto
    Akodo kisho
    Akodo Konbi ( exp)
    Akodo kuemon (exp)
    Akodo maiko
    Akodo makotai
    Akodo matoloo (SOMP)
    Akodo Michio
    Akodo mino
    Akodo mirotai
    Akodo moromao
    Akodo nakama
    Akodo Naoki
    Akodo nariaki
    Akodo nastsu (exp)
    Akodo osamu
    Akodo queho
    Akodo rokku
    Akodo rokuro (exp)
    Akodo sarasa
    Akodo senichi
    Akodo shigetoshi (exp)
    Akodo shusaku
    Akodo suoh
    Akodo tadenori
    Akodo tadenori (exp)
    Akodo tamisu
    Akodo tekkan
    Akodo tomio
    Akodo toturi
    Akodo tsuri
    Akodo tsuyumi
    Akodo uehara

    I have a list for the ikoma, k, and matsu cards i need i’ll forward new mails to you for each. I also collect crane clan but have yet to make a list up for them.

    • mdpetke says:

      Hi John,
      I’ll see what I’ve got on this list (might take me a couple days), and get back to you via e-mail.
      In the future, just contact me at mdpetke@comcast.net or use the card request form on this site (“Cards” tab at the top).
      Talk to you soon!

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